Commercial places, businesses, manufacturing units, warehouses, shops and public buildings need a reliable lock system when not in use.

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We have workers with a wide range of commercial businesses and organisations to instal locks for their property. The best way to secure these properties is by installing proper locks for different locks and gates. We look at a great variety of things, such as feasibility, functionality and security. If the employees find it difficult to operate the lock it is not a good enough lock to be fitted.

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients

The thing about commercial property is that they hold valuable things inside. Even if one of the locks is broken, or not working properly you can’t propose it for another day. Anyone can access the property and steal something valuable. Locking all the doors and gates will save the papers, goods and other material that the commercial area may have. AS a responsible locksmith we take full responsibility of the locks of your property, making sure all the locks are working property with functional keys that can be accessed by the employees according to permits.

Commercial Services Overview



We will install all types of locks for your business. We can install the locks of the gates, the internal doors, the sliding doors, the cabinets. We can install digital locks for doors that only give access to particular people. We install biometric locks that will open from fingerprint scan or palm scan technology.


If the keys are lost or stolen, and you are locked out of your office or commercial place, we give emergency service to take care of such a situation. We will come and unlock the lock, make a key or replace the existing lock whatever is feasible for you.


If you already have an intricate and expensive lock mechanism in your door you don’t want to go through the long and invasive process of replacing the locks, repair can be an option. We fix small locks issues, like key jams, rotation issues etc.


If you don’t want to replace the whole lock you can simply rekey. In this service we replace the lock pins helping you to know the property security. Doing so every few months can be like changing your password and keeping the property safe.


Protect the business room with amazing locks and protection systems. Such high-tech and highly durable lock systems are important for a robust security that can’t be penetrated by thieves. Business owners prefer Agent Locksmith for their locks because of our extensive experience and knowledge on commercial locksmith services. We are well aware of how thieves may try to pick locks and that’s why we install locks that can’t be tampered with. A professional locksmith, will protect the entire business area from any creative criminal. Agent Locksmith promises you high-quality locks and a security system for your company, where nobody can get unauthorized access. We are competitively priced and we never go beyond the estimated amount. You get the best products and safest service in the town.

Agent Locksmith helps the consumer 24X7. We are quick to respond to your call and come for your help. We are highly professional and do not leave the premises until we are done with the job perfectly.

Our workers are licensed locksmiths and are skilled in managing all locks and keys for your home.