Agent Locksmith is licenced locksmith company in Lewisville having experience with all kinds of locks including safe locks.

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We hold a reputation for installing secure lock systems for residences and business. We have a highly efficient team of workers who know how to secure a property so the owners can use it with ease and trespassers can’t find a way in. If you are a private owner of a safe or in charge of a commercial safe, you want to make sure you get an authentic locksmith company, who you can trust to work on your safe. We at Agent Locksmith provide all kinds of safe installation, safe repair and safe maintenance. We are an established company operating in Lewisville for more than two decades. Call us today for support from the 24/7 safe locksmith.

If you are safe at your home and not sure who to call to fix it, replace it or access it, worry not Agent Locksmith can help. As the name suggests Safes are places where people, organisation and government keep their valuables safe. You must have heard of them or seen them in banks. They come in all shapes and sizes and various locking mechanisms. One of the most important aspects of safety is that they are super impenetrable with intricate locking mechanisms making it nearly impossible to open without a key. Residential safes are used to keep your valuable belongings in a safe place. As far as commercial safes are concerned, they may be used to keep cash money in shops, restaurants, hotels, stores etc. You may store money, jewelry, important documents and stuff in the safe to keep them from prying hands. In commercial environments, companies from retail shops to restaurants profit from using reliable and modern safes to store loss-protected records, papers, cash and other valuables.

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients


If you have a safe you can secure a Commercial depository for public items, money safes, Jewelry, weapons, digital information, property papers, confidential data, intellectual property information, confidential data, and intellectual from robbery and burning.


Safes are not like your typical lockers. They come with regular parts like trays, however, the part that saves your valuable is the box and the lock. The safe is made of steel or iron shield which is thick, it is not easy to hammer through, in many cases, it can take forceful blunts. Safes are fireproof so they won’t burn in a fire and waterproof as well.

Agent Locksmith has clients all over Lewisville who come to us for security supplies and all forms of safes. Along with your typical mechanical safe, we also offer digital safes that can be operated from any place via apps. Such safes can be used at your home or office for your business.


If you are looking for a secure safe for your valuables and don’t know where to buy them from, you have come to the right place. Along with repairing we also sell safes. We have all kinds of safes, brought from authentic local manufacturers. You can be sure about the quality of the safe and the strength of it to save your valuables. We can install wall safes for you, or your business as well. Our special safes have special functions, the digital ones can be operated wirelessly, protect against fire, multiple layers of lock, accessible yet protected locking system. We can help you operate the safe easily so you can open or close it whenever you want.

Types of Safes



Businesses are and residences are using electronic safes. The popularity of electronic safes comes from the fact that they can be operated from afar. So if someone tries to open the safe without your knowledge you will be informed immediately and you can subsequently change the password before they can open the lock. Many electronic safes do not have keypad password systems rather are operated by a fingerprint scanner, retinal scanners, etc to give it that extra layer of protection preventing anyone unauthorized from accessing your safes.


Commercial safes to keep public valuable safe are preserved in high quality safes in banks or similar places. Agent locksmith services is authorised to service commercial safes in a secure and reliable way, without holding any information about the locking system or codes etc. Our workers go through background checks and we make sure they don’t have any criminal records or drug abuse issues, so you can trust the people that come to repair your safes.


It takes a lot of trust to hire a locksmith company to operate on your safes. That’s why Agent locksmith promises to show you all necessary certificates of authentication, your license and willing to give you previous reference. We will sign a contract where we promise not to give any information about safes to anyone. Call us to get you safes serviced today.

Our workers are licensed locksmiths and are skilled in managing all locks and keys for your home.