What is a locksmith and why do I need one?

If you have locks in your home, office or car, it is quite possible you will need a locksmith. Locks are essential for keeping you safe in a world where burglaries, theft, robberies and violent crimes are common. You want to keep yourself and our valuable safe and the best way to do so is by installing locks and keeping them functional. Locksmiths only job is to take care of your locks, installing locks, repairing locks, making keys and everything else to ensure your properties security. If you are thinking you can hire any handymen to do the repair, you should know it is extremely unsafe. You never know what kind of people operate on your locks. It is afterall your safety in question. Unauthorised personnel handling your locks can duplicate your keys without knowledge, and may put spoofing devices in your password operated locks. With professional locksmith you get reassurance nothing of that sort is happening since we are very particular about such things.

What is a master key?

Master keys are not physical keys. These are usually digital keys, cards, or chips fitted into devices that can open a door. Such master cards are very rarely used in residential places. They are used in offices, most hotels, motels, hospitals etc. These are used in digital locks that have a set of digital passwords encoded in the chips carried by individuals to open the locks. Who gets access or who doesn’t can be controlled by what password is encrypted into the chip. A business security department usually takes care of such stuff. A master key is given to someone who needs access to all rooms and should be able to open all the locks. For example in hotels or motels a manager should be able to operate the master key to open closed rooms in case of emergencies. Certain sub-categories can also be used for Sub-Masters, Grand-Masters, etc., thus maximizing versatility to match the needs better.

I don’t want my car door wrecked to open the locked car, can you help?

Yes, certainly. We don’t worry about it. Many locksmith companies will suggest to break your car window or harm it somehow to get the door to open then fix the lock. We don’t. At Agent Locksmith, we have some of the most talented workers who can open your car doors, no matter the model of the car, without harming the car in any way. We can make a car key fob for your car and help you open the car without having to change the lock.

Do I need to rekey or change the locks when I move into a new house or apartment?

Absolutely. There should not be any questions on the matter. You never know who has the eyes of the existing locks. If a wrong person gets a copy of the lock of your house, they can try to invade your house, steal stuff. It’s a business and you have lost keys recently, it is best to change the locks. Lost keys could end up in the wrong hands, and businesses have valuable items, money and equipment that could be stolen, destroyed by competitors. If your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend hasn’t returned your keys then also, you should consider changing the locks. It is best to keep The way to keep yourself safe in case you are not entirely sure who has your keys, changing the locks is best.

Will my auto insurance reimburse for car door lock service?

Yes. If the lock needs to be removed for emergency reasons or accidental reasons your auto insurance will cover for it. Agent Locksmith is affiliated with most of the auto-insurances, so you can be rest assured that all your lock installation expenses would be taken care of. Just to make sure your insurance covers the lock fixing, you can call your insurance company and check with them.

Should I get a re-key service or a lock change?

Rekeying is less-invasive and less expensive than changing the whole lock. To change the whole lock you will have to remove the lock from the door, the process takes time and money. Since the locks embedded in the locks. Re-keying the pins in the loakc are adjusted. The height of the pins is what tiggers the locks to open. When the pins are adjusted the existing key stops working and it’s like installing a lock but cheaper. If you have lost a key, if you want to move into a new apartment or house , rekeying should be a more reasonable service than changing the locks.

My Keys broke inside the lock, do I need to remove the lock?

Not really. Although we can’t tell you with certainty. If the components inside the locks are broken too, you lock would need changing. The best way to determine whether you need a change of locks is by calling us. We will have to assess the situation then give you the right solution.

Can you help in case of an emergency lockout?

Yes, we can, in fact we specialise in it. We understand that it is imperative that you restore the protection of your house, office or car. At Agent Locksmith we provide emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays.

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