We have all been through the day when we were locked out of our car. It is utterly frustrating. If you find yourself in such a situation do not panic.

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Trying to do something in a hurry can damage your vehicle or hurt your pet or baby if they are inside. Stay calm and call our number, we provide 24X7 emergency service for situations like this. There can be various ways you might be locked out of your door. Your baby might have accidentally locked themselves inside, you left the key inside the car, the key broke inside the lock, you forgot your keys somewhere and many more scenarios. You will also have to keep in mind that different car models have different types of locks,, good thing is we operate in all types of car models and brands. We use methods that are the least invasive and most effective at unlocking the car door.

Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients

Agent Locksmith technicians have the expertise and know what is required to get into every vehicle. Additional safety measures on a vehicle will take time to work with but will eventually not be an issue. We ensure that a professional auto locksmith should still be able to unlock any of the doors or your closed trunk. There are not many locksmiths that promise you emergency locksmith service if you are stuck outside your car. We do that at an affordable price that is less than any other company.

AUTOMOTIVE Services Overview



We can make a replacement of your car keys other than the main key. This helps you make car keys from studying the lock, so if your car keys are damaged or lost, you can use the other one.


Duplicating the car key is the same as replacing it; however, it is simpler. We take the car key and duplicate it. You can always keep one in your purse for emergencies. In this, you can also make more than one duplicate if you need.


If your engine refuses to turn one even after putting the key in, your car will need ignition cylinder replacement. At Agent locksmith, we can help you with the issue to drive your car in peace.


We install car key fobs for your car to make them easier to use. With a key fob, you will no longer need to lock or unlock all the locks on your car by hand. The good thing is if you forget your key fob, a new key fob can be extracted from the car’s onboard computer.


If the car key is broken while turning it in the car lock, then there is very little you can do. Trying to pick the lock won’t help as well. In such a situation, our team will come with the necessary equipment and tools to extract the key without damaging your car in any way. This is done by using two metal pincers to grip the broken key and pulling it out of the keyhole. The process is simple and affordable. We can also duplicate the key and make a new one from the broken key that you want to use for your car.


If you need someone who has years of experience with automotive locks which includes the door locks, the truck locks the key ignition etc, you can trust Agents Locksmith. We are one of the most reputed locksmiths of Lewisville, we make sure to help you with all your locksmith services. We are trained and qualified professionals, we know what we are doing and we are good at it. We provide quick service, wo you don’t have to wait hours after out to get emergency service when you need it. We treat our work as our duty and work towards satisfying our customers. Call Agent Locksmith for the best locksmith service in town.

Our workers are licensed locksmiths and are skilled in managing all locks and keys for your home.