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Agent Locksmith is a licenced and insured Locksmith service servicing the people of Lewisville, Texas. Agent Locksmith has years of experience in installing quality locks for your home and business.


We are one of the most reputed locksmith businesses, known for our house and business security programs. We offer a wide range of locksmith services, services including installing new locks, replacing old locks, making key copies, reinforcing locks etc. Agent Locksmith provides residential and commercial locksmith services for the people of Lewisville. We are serious about our customer service and keep the customers’ needs first.

Our dedicated team of locksmith experts is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take up your call. You get a free estimate before we start working so you can make an educated decision. With reasonable pricing, you get locksmith service that you would appreciate. We come to your aid timely so you don’t have to wait days before an expert shows up at your doorstep. We come fully equipped with all the necessary tools to perform the service quickly without leaving the job in the middle.  The association we affiliated with is Security Professionals Association and the Professional Locksmiths Society (SOPL). SOPL is a company that background checks all the locksmiths making sure your security is 100% in the safe. They also make sure locksmiths are properly trained and professionals at what they do.

Locksmith Services In Lewisville, TX

Our experts have solved various lock issues for the people of Lewisville. We have people who have been trained to install and fix locks of all kinds. We are dealers of the highest quality locks, we ship our locks from reputed local manufacturers who make reliable locks that last a lifetime. Our services not only involve installing locks or replacing old locks, but we also provide emergency lock service. Most of your emergency lock service is focused on people who are locked out of their houses, apartments, cars, etc.

In an emergency situation, it is quite common for fraudsters to ask for an unreasonable amount of money and scam you into paying in the time of need. Not us. We make sure to bill only what is reasonable. Keep our number for emergency locksmith service, if you ever need emergency key service call us and we will dispatch a team to your service right away. Do not fall for false promises who promise you service at extremely low prices, these people usually install cheap knock-off locks that are easy to pick. They are also unprofessional installers doing not so good of a job at installing locks. Hiring such a locksmith puts your house or business at risk, do not take such a risk and hire licensed professionals, ask for their license and certification before you hire them.

Agent Locksmith is ready to show you our certification for your peace of mind and work with the highest level of efficiency using the best quality locks.

Being in the industry for many years we have had run-ins with other locksmith businesses. We see locksmiths who work in a very small spectrum of specialties, it’s either only residential or only commercial, some do only mechanical locks while others operate only on digital locks. At Agent locksmith, we come with a wide variety of specialties in various locks systems. We have installed locks for security-sensitive commercial areas as well as regular residences. We know what kinds of locks work for what kind of situation and install the one which is the best for you. Many of our employees get product-specific training for a more intricate system of locks and security systems. For us, your security is the main priority and we do not compromise with it.

Our Services

Why should you hire us?

When you are looking for a locksmith, you are looking for someone who can trust fully, It is your property at line after all. We don’t want you to go into it blindly, we want you to be sure about us then only hire us. Our company is well- known in the industry and our previous customers will be more than happy to give you a refence.as for reasons to hire us, here are some:

We Are Dependable

If you need emergency locksmith service you want to call a company that you can rely on, who will answer your call immediately and come for your aid within an hour. We are the people for you. Our company understands the meaning of emergency and we promise to come to aid within an hour, fully equipped and ready to help you on the spot. We can open your car lock, house lock, office lock. We can replace broken locks. We can make keys on spot. We can repair broken locks. Agent Locksmith is available 24x7, call us for any emergencies.

Call us anywhere on Lewisville

If you are locked out of your car in a remote location and not sure who to call, call Agent locksmith.

We will come to your aid anywhere in Lewisville without any qualms.

It is much cheaper and feasible than towing your car. Make sure you have your locksmith number stored on your cell phone to get out of this frustrating situation.

We are trustworthy

You can trust us with our service and billing process. We do not charge you unethically and give you a simple equal pricing quote.

Often, only experts are accredited, and if you want to see that, we will not refuse to give you their qualifications.

We are always punctual making sure we are at your duty on time.

We help you prevent burglaries

Burglary is one of the major concerns for us, whether it’s residences or business. You need a locksmith company that can prevent such an unfortunate event. Agent Locksmith installs locks that keep you safe from break-ins and robberies. You can help you install a digital security system for ease of use without leaving any possible way for the buglers to get in.

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No matter how safe your neighbourhood is if you do not give importance to your security and lock system, you can fall into a dangerous situation. In the modern world it is getting easier for people to know about your various whereabouts and the only way to save yourself is by having a strong lock on your door and a reliable security system. Investing in good locks can go a long way and save you from expensive burglaries. You can sleep in peace at night when you know you have a strong unbreakable lock on your door. If you need expert advice to secure your house, boy super secure locks, our experts can definitely help you in this regard. There are thousands of locks available in the market and our workers can help you find the perfect one.


Our professionals work towards high-security door locking systems to ensure the physical premises of the company are secure. We provide specialized services in addition to the normal lock installation and lock replacement. We can come for emergency locksmith needs, if your lock system is not working, if you need to make replacement keys, if you need to duplicate keys, if you need to evaluate your current lock system etc.

As a business it is important to make sure your business, your products, your equipment and the premises are secure. There might be sensitive information, expensive units that could be stolen if you do not have a reliable lock system. Our company is expert at securing commercial property from years of experience. We will do a thorough evaluation of your premises making sure none of faulty locks are left behind and all the locks hold up to the current standards of security. We install modern, effective, secure and more efficient locks for your business, warehouse, office, shop, storage units etc.

No matter if you have small or big business having a reliable lock system is essential. Businesses where there are no security personnel employed at the site at night, are vulnerable to thefts. The only change to save such places is a good security system, CCTV cameras and strong locks. Our locks are extremely hard to break and nearly impossible to pick. Only the person with the key can open the lock. With modern locks you don’t have to worry about just anyone picking the locks accessing your valuable property.

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We know how important having a good locksmith is, we also understand having a reliable locksmith company when you lose your keys is important too. That’s why Agent Locksmith provides quick service and trained technicians who do their job professionally. We provide emergency support that is available 24x 7 for you. Keep relaxed and focus on what is important and let us take care of your security system.

We promise you the best locksmith in Lewisville, Texas. Hire us today to get reliable service at a reasonable price, call us on the number given or fill up the form on the website.


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