Emergencies come at any time and mostly during the most inconvenient times. When you have forgotten your keys and are stuck outside your house. Worry not, Agent Locksmith can help you with all your lock or key issues immediately without wasting any time.

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If you are locked out of your house, apartment, office or car, you need someone you can call, who can come to your aid by one call alone. Agent Locksmiths are licensed locksmiths operating in Lewisville. We have helped thousands of people help them get their broken key out of the lock, open their car or apartment doors, make replacement keys within a short time frame. We work all over Lewisville, no matter where you have locked yourself out in Lewisville, we can reach you. Tell us your location in Lewisville or give us a google map location coordinates, and our fully equipped team will reach you.

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Emergency Locksmith Services Overview



Locking yourself out of the car is a pretty common phenomenon, everyone has faced this problem once in their life. Certain cars, especially the old models that operate with a physical key can be locked out when you slam the door shut and forget the key inside. While in some situations a toddler or pet may do something to lock themselves in the car accidently. Whatever might be the situation, you need someone who can come to your help, open the car door without damaging the car. Not only can you open your vehicle from an emergency locksmith, we can fix missing keys and even patch broken locks and doors.


When you are locked out of your workplace, it can be a shop, retail store, restaurant, bar, or any other place. Breaking down the door is not the option if it’s not a life or death situation. Such a situation is most inconvenient if your employees can’t get inside your business will not start and we will lose valuable customers and hours of business trying to pick the lock or find a solution. The best thing to do in such a case is to call Agent Locksmith. We operate all over Lewisville. We can help you open the door immediately then rekey the locks, make keys and hand them over to you. If Your key is stuck in the lock we can help you retrieve your keys as well.


Getting locked out of your home is much more common than getting locked out of your business facility. There can be many ways in which you might be locked out of your home. The first being, you have lost your keys. You may have damaged your keys while trying to open the lock. You might be stuck in the keyhole. Some locks close automatically, if you have left your keys inside the house, you would be locked out of your home. Agent locksmith will assist if you don’t have a spare key tucked away. You get help from an authentic, safe, and licensed locksmith at your services within 15 to 20 minutes of your complaint. We will get to you on time, help you open your door then do solve the rest of the issues with your lock system.


When you hire us, we give priority to your needs. If you get to open the lock immediately to get inside your car, home, or office, the first thing we do on arrival is removed the lock, so you can get entry. Our workers will wear the company’s clothes and have an ID before they start working on your lock. Also, we do not just go to work on random calls, we will make sure you are the owner of the car, office, or home by our means before we help you. We provide 24-hour service seven days a week even during holidays. Emergency won’t come only on weekdays, that’s why we have an emergency team that works on weekends too and even in the middle of the night. Agent Locksmith is a reliable company you can call in case of locksmith emergencies at any time of the day. We promise you a fast response and a quick solution.

We make sure to be the least invasive while opening your doors. If you have lost your keys and have no means to open the door without breaking the lock, or harming the door in some way, you can call us. We have specialized equipment and knowledge to open any kind of door without breaking the door or damaging it anyway.

Our workers are licensed locksmiths and are skilled in managing all locks and keys for your home.