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Residential Locksmith Lewisville, Tx

We understand what homeowners, apartment owners and tenants need. A trustworthy locksmith service that can install safe locks for their house or apartment and employees are reliable.

Residential Locksmith Lewisville, TX

We understand what homeowners, apartment owners and tenants need. A trustworthy locksmith service that can install safe locks for their house or apartment and employees are reliable.
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Letting a stranger set up a lock system at your home can be a bit nerve-wracking. That’s why Agent Locksmith has accreditation and license to install and repair locks. All our employees are thoroughly background checked. You can be sure that you are getting your locks installed by authentic locksmiths.

In case you are locked out of your home, or apartment and you need a quick and easy solution, call our company for emergency locksmith service. Our emergency team arrives as fast as possible and helps you get inside your house, make duplicate keys, or replace the lock if you are not sure about the existing one. You can note down our emergency number. We promise to send you our professional locksmith that you can rely on. We can assure you that we are not only competitively priced but reputed for being experienced and trained in the field. With our 24 hours seven days a week emergency service, we are the first choice for all your locks and key needs when it comes to emergencies or otherwise. 

Types of locks we work with


Deadbolts are commonly mounted residential doors. They can be single thumbturn type, double thumb turn type. A key cylinder will lock the door by a thumbturn key inside. Deadbolts may pose a problem for emergency evacuation, for that you will have to keep the key on the lock when you are inside the home. Without the key you won’t be able to open the lock even from inside for a single thumbturn.

Door handle locks

Door handle locks work mostly for commercial settings. They are fixed on interior doors such as the store room, someone’s office, meeting rooms etc. Heavy doors that need a push to be locked or open as door handle locks for better functionality. Agent Locksmith can repair, and install such door handle locks.

Rim locks

Rim cylinder locks are simple forms of locks for glass doors, glass cabinets, and glass windows. Rim cylinder locks have a long piece of metal going through the material of the door and securing itself on the edge surface. Not every locksmith can effectively install such locks without warming your door. We have the equipment and training to install this lock with efficiency. Rim locks look neat and beautiful on doors and are perfect for glass doors.

Cam Locks

If you have kitchen and bathroom cabinets, cabinets in your bedroom, or any other furniture, they have locks as well. If you need replacement or installation of locks for those, we can help install the best Cam locks for them.

They are not the safest but they are cheap and work well enough to secure your things in the cabinet.


Knoblocks are like deadlocks and are used in residential settings. In these kinds of locks the keyhole is the handle. TThey are not such a good lock for the external door but for rooms they can be good. The installation and replacement process of these locks is fairly simple and can be quickly achieved.

Euro Profile Cylinder

Euro profile cylinders are more commonly sliding glass door locks and some doors.

They can be double or single cylindered and are used for internal rooms.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

Jimmy proof deadbolts are commonly used in rented apartments. They don’t need a lot of changes on the actual door for installation unlike the other residential locks. They are also peculiar in that the deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket stopping it from simply being ripped apart or quickly pushed from outside.

Rim Latch Locks

A rim latch lock has one side a regular or custom rim ring and the other a surface mount latch lock. They can be a bit tricky as they lock behind you automatically so if you lock your keys inside the room you will need to call a locksmith to open the lock or break the lock open.

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