What Is Smart Home ?

We all have heard the term smartphone but many of us don’t know about smart homes. So what is a smart home? It is something right out of sci fi movies.

With Everything becoming smart in recent times it only makes sense that your house becomes smart too. Smart homes much like smartphones make our life easy. They can be voice operated, gesture operated or operated by apps on your phone. They are fitted with gadgets and automated machinery to do various jobs in the house. In this article we will know more about what it means to have a smart home.

A smart home entails having normal functions such as switching on and off the lights and fans. Controlling the water heating unit, the stove, shower, dish washer, oven, cleaning, TV, speakers and other components wirelessly These items can connected to your mobile phone, computer, remote or speaker to control how they work, to put timer on them so you don’t have to physically move to make them work.

What Is The Use Of Smart Home

What is the use of smart home ?

Having a smart home of fully abled, young and healthy individuals is a waste of money. Smart home requires a lot of investment and if you make such an investment there should be a good reason for it. Here are a few reasons people install smart homes.

Smart home for old people and disabled people

It is not possible for old people to do everything on their own. They have limited movement ability, many are wheelchair bound and some are so weak that they are bound to their bed. While many have 24x7 nurses appointed to them, many like to have some control over their life and do stuff on their own. The best way to make it easier for them is to install smart homes for them. Smart homes for the aged and disabled members of the family boost the quality of living, it also offers the caregivers peace of mind. Let’s go about how modern and emerging technologies can benefit older adults.
Making smart environmental sensors can help them get things done in a much safer and effective way. Smart sensors placed around the can detect leakage in fuel, gas, or water and inform the respective authorities. Video monitoring can help them keep safe since they are more vulnerable towards theft and burglaries. If you are a caregiver of your older parents, dibled family members you can keep a tab on them through video surveillance and make sure they are doing fine in your absence. You can make calls to them through audio and video devices fitted to the home.

If you have bed ridden people in the house, with smart apps you can shut the lights, close the blinds, or television from a remote location without being physically present in the house. Medical monitors can keep monitoring the physical health of the ederly or diabled by monitoring their heart rate, temperature sensors, so you can be prompt if anything goes wrong.


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