How Safe Is Your Neighborhood In Lewisville, TX

If you want to know how safe is your neighbourhood in Lewisville, Texas, you can look at the local crime reports. In all honesty, no place is completely safe, such an utopia doesn’t exist. Every place has some issues of theft, burglaries, murders etc.

Most crimes are concentrated on big cities, you will hardly find passion crimes, drug dealing, gang activities in small towns. A well-maintained law system, and abled police forces are another way to determine your safety.

In Lewisville the total number of burglaries reported has been 354 out of 106,586 total population, the total number of theft reported has been 1,807 and motor vehicle theft has been 235. In comparison total number of burglaries in the USA is 1,230,149 out of the total population of 327,167,434, the total number of theft is 5,21,055 and total number of Motor Vehicle Theft is 748,841. The crime rate for Lewisville is 3 out of 1000 cases for burglaries and that of the whole USA is 4 out of 1000. Lewisville in a small area as compared to the whole Texas that why the crime per square mile in Lewisville is 63 mer square mile whereas for Texas it is 27 per square mile then most of Texas is not inhabited.

Viloent crime rates in Lewisville is 4 cases of murder, 57 rape, 71 robbery and 143 assult oout of 106,586 population. That is every 1 person out of 1000 is at a risk of violent crimes in Lewisville. In comparison, in the USA every 2 to 3 people is a risk.

Heavy police presence is a sign that the area has a high crime rate. In Lewisville you will see moderate police presence nothing too alarming, however not all that safe too. If you are planning to settle in Lewisville we suggest you look for a few things beforehand.

See if a heavy number of police patrol your neighborhood where you are planning to buy a house.

If you see multiple vacant houses or stores, it could be an indicator of the economy and safety of the area. Lots of vacant plots, abandoned and empty houses means not many people are willing to live there or move there.

If there aren’t many food chains, restaurants, bars and pubs, it means the business is not so good in the area. If people don’t come to eat out then business won’t run, so you won’t find many.

When you are trying to rent apartments if the prices are too low, it usually means that not many people live there. And if the rent rates are high that means the crime rates are low and the place is livable.

Lewisville is a fairly safe community with community events that pull together the communities and allow people living in the same neighborhood to get to know each other better. It has thriving local businesses, people go outside and is much safer than many of the other Texas towns.


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